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Technical Support

Candela’s Technical Support team is here for you. As your first line of support, the Candela Customer Service team can remediate most challenges.


Field Service Engineers 

Nobody knows the Candela products better than the Candela Field Services team.  The Field Service Engineers provide on-site service and support and offer the highest standards of quality, consistency and responsiveness.

Flexible Service Agreements

Candela offers preventative and as-needed maintenance services and service agreements that are designed to help maintain optimal performance and reliability of your device, reduce administrative burden and safeguard your investment.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Proactive and preventative care of your devices can help avoid costly downtime, maintain patient safety, and deliver consistent, effective results.


Candela’s Service Commitment is based on steadfast quality, consistency and responsiveness


The quality management process at Candela is based on regulatory standards published by various agencies and international standards committees. The Candela Service team views these standards as the threshold of quality delivery, service, and the use of genuine Candela parts. Non-manufacturer, third-party providers are not always required to comply with these regulatory standards or use certified parts, which may pose a risk to the operation and performance of the device. The Candela Field Service Engineers are held to the highest standards of quality to give our customers an extra measure of confidence. Additionally, all our Field Service Engineers carry highly-specialized and calibrated equipment and participate in continued device training to ensure the quality of repair and ultimately patient safety.


Candela Field Service Engineers adhere strictly to manufacturer-recommended specifications, use only genuine Candela parts and follow manufacturer-specified periodic maintenance schedules at all times. Inconsistent, improper or untimely preventive maintenance and repairs can increase total cost of ownership. As a result, customers can feel confident their devices are maintained to the same standards every time. ​

Service standards go hand-in-hand with Candela manufacturing standards and this alignment drives consistency. Specific testing methodology developed by Candela is applied at the end of every service activity. It enables the Candela Field Service Engineers to verify that the device is functioning at optimal performance before it is available for patient use. If these tests are not run or not run successfully, the device is not ready for patient use. All testing- and diagnostic-related activities are logged on the device to validate the consistency and thoroughness of all repair activity. Your device software will also keep you up-to-date with all your device's updates and upgrade information.


Candela prides itself on being able to respond to customer's needs quickly. The fastest way to connect is to contact our Customer Service line. Our Customer Service Representatives will be able to assess the situation and provide the service you need. If onsite service is needed, our Candela Field Service Engineers are available.

When products are sent to our factory service location, our qualified technicians work hard to diagnose and quickly and accurately repair products using only genuine Candela genuine parts, ensuring the product is returned with minimum delay and fully functional to its original manufacturer specifications.

Experience the difference

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