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What should you consider when buying second-hand energy-based devices?

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Understanding the true cost of a second-hand device

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or starting a new one, you no doubt want to make every dollar count. Second-hand energy-based devices for your clinic might feel like a win for you – but it’s important to consider the real cost of the ‘saving’.

While it’s easy enough to find second-hand laser energy-based devices resellers online, it’s not always clear who the resellers actually are. You have no visibility on their history, how the devices were sourced, maintained or used previously, if they can be trusted, or if they are even genuine. You are asking your clients to trust you with something you can’t be sure you trust yourself.

If cost is driving your decision, a purchase like this could end up costing your business more. Below, we weigh up what you should consider before investing in your next device.

The parts may not be genuine

Other providers are well known to use non-genuine and second hand parts. Non-genuine parts can damage your device, impact treatment outcomes, and automatically voids any remaining warranty.

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Maintenance may be more expensive

A used device may cost more in service fees. Service support will be challenging (and, expensive to source), and you will be unable to upgrade to the latest software releases. If the device is faulty, or a non-genuine part has been used in the device, there is no guarantee of repair – this may end up costing thousands of dollars as you need to re-invest in a new system.

The device could be faulty

A faulty energy-based device could harm a patient, and leave you liable – something that will impact you personally, your business reputation and your finances.

You don’t have a warranty protecting you

If your device is damaged, destroyed or can’t be repaired you will have to cover the full cost yourself.

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You won’t have clinical training, education and support

We work with advanced technologies in a complex and rapidly changing industry. Having access to the latest information, treatment protocols and support is vital for getting the most out of your device, and the quality of treatment to your customers. Can you risk going it alone?

The benefits of purchasing a new device

Certainty and assurance
When you buy new, you know exactly who you’re buying from. The device is protected and regulated, and covered by warranty, unlike second-hand energy-based devices. 

Servicing and maintenance
Your device will be serviced by qualified engineers using genuine parts.

Support, when you need it

Help and advice is only a phone call away

Clinical training and education
When you purchase a Candela system you have access to unparalleled training and support, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest treatment protocols and regulations.

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Making any decision to grow your business always involves a bit of homework. We’re here to answer your questions and help guide you to the best decision for you and your clinic. Always, too, be sure to ask: ‘what’s best for my customer?’ Because, ultimately, it’s your customer who makes your business what it is.

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