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With the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak affecting people across the globe, Candela is dedicated to acutely monitoring, responding and supporting customers. We have created this resource site to provide easy access to a wide range of information related to COVID-19. We encourage you to continually check this site as well as the Department of Health website for the most current information and updated guidelines.

We encourage you to share these resources with family, friends, and colleagues. If you have a resource you would like us to share here, please reach out to


Candela Cares Series

Below is a collection of resources that may be helpful to Candela customers, partners, and employees.

Candela Resources

CUSTOMER Support Hotlines

Clinical Support

Inservice Training

  • Please contact Tara Telfer for in-service training as this will now be conducted online

Device Maintenance

FIELD Service 

  • Please call us at 1300 226 335 (CANDELA) for technical support or to schedule service.You can contact us at with any questions regarding Candela devices.


Healthy Restart Resources

National Resources

Australia & New Zealand Resources



    Webinars on COVID-19

    Dr John Sullivan Webinar: Keeping Patients, Medical and Other Staff Safe In The Setting Of COVID19 When Doing Energy Based Device Treatments


    Are you interested in learning more about how to keep your patients, medical and other staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic when doing energy based device treatments?

    Join Key Opinion Leading Dermatologist Dr John Sullivan from Kingsway Dermatology in Sydney as he discusses how to safely treat patients in your clinic with energy based devices during the COVID19 pandemic.

    Webinar ON DEMAND - How to Optimise Teamwork While Working From Home


    We recognize that you are heavily focused on assessing how best to serve and protect your patients or customers during this difficult time, at the same time you have to work out innovative ways to manage your team remotely when needed. In recognition of this, we have invited Roald Andersen from AccessOrange to share tips to optimize teamwork utilizing cloud service. At Candela, we are going above and beyond to think for you and help you throughout this difficult period.


    Interesting Reads

    Industry Resources

    Other Resources