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Global Clinical Training & Education

Unmatched clinical training and education

Candela Learning opportunities

Global learning ​opportunities​

Broad Candela network

Broad network​

Candela tailored training programs

Tailored training

We invest in clinical training to build your clinical confidence and provide you with access to continuous learning.​

Unmatched clinical training and education​

We offer some of the industry’s most advanced clinical education. Our global, certified clinical trainers can help build your practice’s expertise and confidence with:

  • On-site training to your staff​ or at one of our Candela Training and Education Centres
  • Access to our latest learnings and new protocols​
  • A comprehensive curriculum of advanced training opportunities geared to different levels of experience​

Global Opportunities​

We also give you to access to a world of exceptional learning opportunities. The moment you purchase a Candela device, you become part of a Candela’s global network of medical aesthetic professionals.




Broad network​

That community includes many of the industry’s top experts. Which means you can learn from the best in the business — through presentations, white papers, clinical bulletins, webinars, and podcasts​




Tailored training​

You can also have the chance to participate in Candela Academy webinars, user meetings, and workshops.




Experience the difference​

Contact your Candela representative today.​